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How about Napflix and Chills?

Posted by Ryan Baldwin on


Napflix TV


Move over Netflix, you’ve got a new competitor on the market ‘Napflix’. What is Napflix exactly? Napflix is a new ‘Siesta Video Platform’, think Netflix but with one major twist: they want you to fall asleep!

Everyone knows Netflix pumps millions into original content to engage their audience, Napflix is nothing like this. Think boring lectures, Subway rides, and Opera, that’s only some of the content you’ll find tucked away in Napflix’s library.

If being bored to tears, or just trying to get some quality sleep is on your agenda, we recommend the following Napflix content:





Some claim the documentaries provided by Napflix don’t live up to the standards of ‘Al Gores – Inconvenient Truth’. However, we beg to differ. Some of the documentaries available consist of ‘Wonderful World of Tupperware’, which is just as bad as it sounds. Think plastic meets an early version of ‘How It’s Made’. Some other notable content includes: Quantum theory, and ‘The art of the Bonsai’. Of course, if you’re interested in these topics, you’ll find no solace in this section.



Music hall


If you’re a fan of Ballet or Opera, keep reading because this won’t apply to you. However, for those of us that would rather jam earplugs in rather than listen to it, this content is perfect for you. Some of the classics include: ‘Swan Lake’ from Kirov Ballet company and ‘Aida’ performed by the San Francisco Opera company.





Whilst none of us are really sure what this is supposed to contain, it seems like a really weird mix. Some content includes a first driving lesson, 55-second clip of rotisserie chickens (I know, not long enough to fall asleep) and a 10-hour countdown timer that beeps 5 times near the end. Hello snooze fest!



Man relaxing


This list wouldn’t be complete without the absolute landmark of quality content. Looking for the absolute slowest TV? Relax features such classic as an hourglass, roaring log fire, aquarium, and rain hitting a window. Think back to the classic screensavers, and you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say slow TV. One calm however, is the traditional hourglass doesn’t meet the 1-hour requirement, it falls just under.



Nothing beats the sweet release of sleep, especially when your mattress is super comfortable! Thanks to our quality line of mattresses, you’re sure to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Pair this with Napflix and you’ve got the ultimate insomnia cure.

So, get comfortable on your favourite mattress or couch, grab some pillows, and tune in for the sleep of a lifetime.

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