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Comfortable, stylish and supportive mattress improve quality of sleep - Know how?

Posted by Jodie Litherland on

A good sleep twins up to meditation- DALAI LAMA

Sleeping enough is as important for our health as nutrition and exercise. Among all essential conditions, one needs a comfortable snug to lie upon. A Mattress!

In 2011 a poll by “National sleep foundation” had claimed 92 percent people voicing in favour of comfortable mattresses to get a calm and peaceful sleep.

How does a quality Mattress affect our sleep?

  1. A good mattress helps to zap stress-It helps to suppress worries, racing thoughts, headaches, nervousness etc.
  2. Health concerns like high blood pressure, poor concentration, heart diseases can be addressed by choosing a palette that’s just perfect for you.
  3. Choices can differ from the very soft-medium-very firm.  People with backaches prefer to lounge upon firm ones.
  4. They must be changed timely to avoid problems.

 A bed must be comfortable:

  1. Body weight, their types, health credentials would vary from people to people and so does their choices for softness or firmness of their futons.
    There is no standardized measure or label but the degree of comfort depends on spring tension. The upholstery also affects overall tenacity.

  2. Softness and durability also are the key factors which allow our body to rest on its favourite place.

    bones absorb pressure while sleeping on a considerably hard layout. This exerts less stress on the muscles. It allows the veins and arteries to ease down a little. This improves blood circulation and hence keeps our system sporty throughout the day.

    Those having antecedent back issues are suggested soft ones.  People who sleep by their sides love slushy beds.
    They act as a cushion and help in the alignment of displaced spines. They are longer lasting than the firm ones. 

  3. Choose the right one for you, HOW? – consider your pain issues, which side you sleep, it’s all about your personal preference.
    Weight is the main factor, not to forget the soft topper.


Effects of sleeping on a bad mattress: 

  1. Sour muscles, lack of routine pep.
  2. A clingy bedding which has low sweat absorbing traits can result in allergies.
  3. Mattresses which lack dust resilience can get sticky and end up to skin conditions like eczema.
  4. Deformation has to be considered because an unaligned bed can cause fatigue. No matter how much weight has been laid on it. The bed needs to be supportive.
  5. The one which is not responsive to heat management can lead to excessive sweating leading to a rheumy bed in the morning.

Let it be classy and stylish

  1. Memory foam is in vogue these days.
  2. The cover i.e. the design covering the substance of your settee can be as smooth as you like.
  3. You can ask the dealer to get the print or you can also manage to market the one you desire.
  4. Store selection from where you will purchase to be done well in advance,
  5. Price comparison and online research of materials and stuffing.
  6. Going in for a test drive.
  7. Doing the appropriate amount of homework would lead you to the best outcome.

 A third of our life revolves around our mattress, to bring desirable outputs in the entire cycle of the day, it is essential to have a composed sleep. Not sleeping well does not just leave you tired, it is detrimental to health and well being.

All the despairs, dark thoughts, stress can be withered away when you wake up from a good night’s sleep.

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